A project of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, launched in 2017. Under the keyword jichi (autonomy), “Jichiku” opens up possibilities of all kinds, thereby creating a place filled with a premonition of “something” new about to be born.
In its first year, “Jichiku” escaped the exhibition venue format by presenting successive “Public Programs (PP)” of live performances, video screenings, talks, and workshops traversing the genres of music, movies, and theater. This it did primarily in the Museum’s Project Room annex.
Since 2018, an Artist in Residence program (AIR) has been added, thereby giving “Jichiku” two main pillars. The AIR program invites artists and creators to undertake research and art production while residing in Kanazawa. Currently the “Kanaiwa-Ono Art Project” is unfolding in the Kanaiwa and Ono districts, where a studio and house have been established as a base for AIR activities. Through “Niwa-bu (Lawn Division)” and “Machi-bu (Town Division)” Public Programs (PP), moreover, the project is promoting exchange and collaboration with the regional community, with the aim of inducing a stimulating chemical change in both artists and the region.

Period 1 (2015)

“Museum x KNZ Fringe—Meeting with the City” In its first year, KANAZAWA FRINGE was held in two stages. In Stage 1 (6/8-22), up-and-coming artists and artist teams invited from Britain had contact with Kanazawa’s culture and history, and exchange with the regional community. Amid their experiences, they formed ideas for new works. In Stage 2 (9/26-10/14), the artists collaborated with Japanese participants in creating and presenting the new works. Their experimental and richly stimulating installations and participatory performances were presented at three venues in the city. “From Ashes” Action Hero “Song for The Departed (Seven Bridges)” Nic Green “DERU KUGI WA UTARERU” Scottee

Period 2 (2016-2017)

“KANAZAWA FRINGE 2017” The program was held in a two-year cycle based on the director system. Five regional directors invited artists and creators and freely explored themes, undertook research, and created artworks together with them. Five diverse original programs were born, and performances, installations, and talks were presented at the Museum and venues in the city on November 3-5, 2017. “TEI-EN Bento Project” Shusuke Inada “Fun with Cancer Patients” Brian Lobel “Walk with Me” Wei Hsinyen “The House of Asanogawa” Sokerissa! “Eyes of the Artists” Kurumi Nakamura / Tomoya Murazumi

Period 3 (2019-2020)

Under the title, “KANAZAWA FRINGE ver. Kids / Lookout—Mapping Out Our Future,” an artist joined regional 3rd to 5th grade elementary school students in a project of learning and discovery. Bringing in experts in various fields, the participants will look at various aspects of Kanazawa and, through lively dialogue, picture a desirable future for the city. A project of collaborative creation with British artist Andy Field (script-writer, director, and performer).