Volunteer Programs

The Museum is fostering volunteers from the perspective of continuing education, as an integral part of its education programs. The content and schedule of activities vary from project to project, and volunteers are free to participate in response to their own interests and needs. Through their participation in exhibitions and art projects, volunteers receive occasions for deepening their own enjoyment of art, while providing valuable assistance in the production of artworks.

Marubi Mirai Cafe

A volunteer program involving citizens that has been ongoing since fiscal 2014. Aimed at getting people of various ages, from high school students to those in their 70s, who enjoy the museum to become more intimately involved with it, the program encourages people to discuss among themselves the future of the museum and the city and then actually plan and implement some projects. A feature of this program is that there are no set objectives such as supporting the work of artists or running programs; rather, participants are encouraged to think about and implement projects at the museum on their own.

Kanazawa Youth Dream Challenge Art Programme

Launched by the Museum 2007, the Kanazawa Youth Dream Challenge Art Programme provides young people with opportunities to build character through active participation in art creation. It is modeled on "Zon Moderna," an outreach program for youth in their late teens crafted by Moderna Museet, Stockholm.At 21st Century Museum of Comtemporary Art, Kanazawa, the Programme is being implemented in the form of long-term art exhibitions that enable young people to work side by side with artists.