The four goals

To be a museum that moves in step with contemporary society.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will allow visitors to experience and enjoy the world’s foremost contemporary art. The richly diverse art of our times cuts across genres and transcends barriers of time and space. By providing experiences of such art, the Museum will perform as a bridge between the region and the art of the future.

To create a participation-oriented museum along with citizens and revitalize the community.

We hope that 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will serve as a new “town square” for the city, where people can freely partake in education, creation, entertainment, and communication. Through its cooperative engagement with people and industries, the Museum will endeavor to explore and generate completely new activities as an art museum.

To be an art museum open to the world, where regional traditional arts connect with the future.

The Museum will perform as a laboratory for exploring, from an inter-cultural perspective, ways of ensuring the viability of Kanazawa’s distinctive cultural traditions, dating from feudal times, amid the diversifying values of the 21st century.

To grow in spirit along with children.

The museum will serve as an open classroom, providing the optimal environment for children to see, touch, and experience art. As children grow, so will the Museum grow and continue to evolve for generations to come.