LAR / Fernando ROMERO

Artwork Data

Production year: 2005
Media and technique: stainless steel
Size: H677 ×W754×D397cm

About the Artwork

This pavilion, established on the lawn encompassing the museum, is contrived to let children enter and play in the interior. It takes a complex shape, reminiscent of a balloon pushed out in six different directions from the inside. Three of the six projections contact the ground at their ends and support the overall structure while functioning as entrances. By giving the pavilion transparency using pipes and wire mesh, the architect has produced an image of lightness that renders the structure’s large size unnoticeable.

About the Artist

LAR / Fernando ROMERO

Born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1971. Lives there. After employment in the architectural office of Rem Koolhaas, Fernando Romero founded his own professional office, LCM (Laboratorio de la Ciudad de Mexico), and later the architecture firm LAR (Laboratory of Architecture) in Los Angeles. In his practice of architecture, Romero undertakes a wide range of cultural, commercial, and residential projects, endeavoring always to open new directions in spatial design by rethinking established theories, researching and creating forms and spaces, developing new utilities for materials, and applying architectural means.