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The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa has entered its third year of operation. During this time, while receiving support from countless people, every single member of the museum team has devoted his /herself to various research activities. All of the work conducted at the museum, including the enrichment of the museum's collection through the acquisition of works and other materials, conservation and restoration activities, archival work, the planning of exhibitions, and education activities such as the holding of lectures and workshops, fits together organically to form a network of research activity. This research bulletin is produced as a means of recording and making available to the public in print form the results of this day-to-day research.
The three issues published prior to the museum's opening were produced by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa construction office and featured a different theme each time. Issue 4, the first to appear since the museum's opening, sought to make available to the public the results of the research activities conducted in fiscal years 2005 to 2006. For the preface, we invited TATEHATA Akira, art critic and Director of the National Museum of Art, Osaka, who has actively supported the museum's activities as a member of the acquisitions committee, to comment on today's art scene and on the role art museums should play.
The bulletin's title is a reversed letter R as if seen reflected in a mirror. It is pronounced same as "are," the plural present tense of the verb "be", and signifies a desire on the part of the publishers to capture a sense of the often confused state of affairs that occurs when our surroundings appear and continually metamorphose around our reflection when we view ourselves in a mirror. It is intended that the publication of this bulletin will serve as an opportunity for us to humbly reflect on our present position and consider our future activities, and at the same time contribute to a further broadening of the current dialogue concerning art.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those individuals who have provided enormous support and guidance to the museum as it conducts its research activities by kindly agreeing to be interviewed and offering valuable materials and information.

March 2007
MINO Yutaka
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

「美術館ー緩慢なる市民革命の場」建畠 晢インタビュー/聞き手: 不動美里
The Museum as the Site of a Quiet Revolution of the People
An Interview with Tatehata Akira / Interviewer: Fudo Misato
PDF 6963KB
Turning Towards Nature of the Second Kind/Fudo Misato, Chief Curator
PDF 4221KB
木村太陽インタビュー/聞き手: 村田大輔
An Interview with Kimura Taiyo / Interviewer: Murata Daisuke
PDF 4505KB
作品論考: グレイソン・ペリーの《敏感な子どもの苦境》/吉岡恵美子
A Study on Plight of the Sensitive Child by Grayson Perry / Yoshioka Emiko
PDF 5529KB
About Work<Bell> by Tanaka Atsuko / Washida Meruro
PDF 6758KB
From "Zuan" to "Dezain"
A Study on zuan of illustration and handicrafts / Takahashi Ritsuko
PDF 4710KB
〜美術館プレ・イヴェントから現在への教育普及プログラムの展開〜/木村 健
Museum that grows with children -
Development and promotion of the museum's educational programs from
pre-opening events to the present / Kimura Takeshi
PDF 3481KB
Kazuyo Sejima+Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA
PDF 3379KB
世界の美術館: 未来への架け橋
日本から未来へ: Museums by Japanese Architects
Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts Projects Buildings
Toward the Future: Museums by Japanese Architects
PDF 2867KB
マシュー・バーニー: 拘束のドローイング
Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint
PDF 3379KB
ゲルハルト・リヒター: 鏡の絵画
Gerhard Richter: Painting as Mirror
PDF 3032KB
もうひとつの楽園~Alternative Paradise
Alternative Paradise
PDF 3686KB
人間は自由なんだから: ゲント現代美術館コレクションより
We Humans are Free: From the Collection of S.M.A.K.,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent
PDF 4096KB
artificial heart: 川崎和男展
artificial heart: Kazuo Kawasaki
PDF 2969KB
奈良美智展「Moonlight Serenadeー月夜曲」
Yoshitomo Nara: Moonlight Serenade
PDF 3584KB
Real Utopia〜Stories of the Unlimited
PDF 2867KB
Another Story: Selected Works from the Collection
PDF 2560KB
コレクション展 I
Collection I
PDF 1024KB
コレクション展 II
Collection II
PDF 1536KB
PDF 1126KB
Design Gallery
PDF 4505KB
2005年度の教育普及事業/黒沢 伸
Education activities in fiscal 2005 / Kurosawa Shin
PDF 4096KB
2006年度の教育普及事業/平林 恵
Education activities in fiscal 2006 / Hirabayashi Megumi
PDF 4505KB
PDF 2048KB
PDF 1228KB
PDF 4198KB
PDF 1024KB
保存・管理 修復 貸出
PDF 1024KB
PDF 10240KB

©2007 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and the authors All rights reserved