Collection Asian Landscapes / Awazu Kiyoshi: Makurihirogeru 5

2018.11.3 (Sat.) - 2019.5.6 (Mon.)

The many art styles coming out of Asia, intimately related to their particular vernacular history and culture, intently explore the interval between tradition and rapid globalization, working trial and error. This exhibition presents works, trained by the waves of post-industrialization and technological change, that ask the universal question, “Where is humanity headed?” These works, which illuminate our changing society from Artists based their activities in Asian, vernacular culture, are presented under the theme, “Asian Landscapes.”
Then, this time’s small special exhibition, “Makurihirogeru”—the fifth (and final) investigative-research exhibition devoted to Awazu Kiyoshi, displays pasteup originals of Awazu print works. Through them, it examines Awazu’s thinking as a creator who continually asked “What is design”? and never relinquished his focus on “reproduction.”


Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group X Dainanagekijo Notes Exchange Vol.3

Café Lumière

2019.2.16 (Sat.) - 2019.8.17 (Sat.)

Japanese and Taiwanese theater companies join forces to bring the film "Café Lumière"  to the stage
Dainanagekijo, based in the city of Tsu, Mie Prefecture, and a company from Taipei will collaborate in a theater version of "Café Lumière," inspired by the eponymous film directed by leading international Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien, in a production as refreshing for the soul as a cup of coffee that turns its gaze on the bonds between Taiwan and Japan, between people, and between individuals and family.

Venue :
Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Scene from the Taipei performance of Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group X Dainanagekijo Notes Exchange Vol.2 1984.
Photo: Matsubara Yutaka