IKEDA Manabu: The Pen ーCondensed Universeー

2017.4.8 (Sat.) - 2017.7.9 (Sun.)

Artist IKEDA Manabu (1973–) depicts a monumental world using a super-fine pen point. Working slowly—he can complete only a fist-sized area in a single day— Ikeda manifests a surreal alien world, employing minute delineation and a flair for grand composition. His massive pictures have won him acclaim around the globe. This will be the first large-scale exhibition presenting the entire scope of Ikeda’s production. His Rebirth, a new work he spent three years creating during an artist residency at Chazen Museum of Art in Wisconsin USA, is a must see.

Aperto 06


2017.1.21 (Sat.) - 2017.5.7 (Sun.)

TAKEDA Yusuke (born Hiroshima, 1985) majored in painting at Kanazawa College of Art and in 2014 earned his doctorate at the College’s graduate school. Takeda currently lives and works in Kanazawa, creating installations that combine varying media including painting, photography, video, and sound. Since October last year, he has undertaken production on a daily basis at this museum, using the Project Room as his studio, and this exhibition presents his latest works emerging from in-residency production. Creations employing such media as painting, video, drawing, and statues are installed as independent works in the gallery space, yet meanwhile, they take “image depth / image humidity” as a basso continuo and appear before us as things indefinite or else unclear, overlapping at their deep layers, segmenting, shifting, and changing content. Such works and their correlation evoke coordinate axes containing images of “visible and invisible” and “reality and fiction,” and jolt our perceptions.

Aperto 07


2017.5.27 (Sat.) - 2017.9.24 (Sun.)

“What if sensitive human emotions could be translated into insects?” Based on this thought, Kawagoe Yurie embodies the workings of the heart in imaginary insect forms and evokes a world of illusion. Her “insectified” (not “personified”) motifs she furthermore fashions into insect specimens, thereby lending visibility the humorous and loveable aspects of our emotions.

Yowamushi Specimens (Detail)
© KAWAGOE Yurie, artist’s collection

Collection Exhibition 1

PLAY / AWAZU Kiyoshi, Makurihirogeru 4

2017.4.29 (Sat.) - 2017.7.23 (Sun.)

Playing, acting, performing, improvising, pretending.
Throughout our days we engage in play. How do artists view the activities of play constituting our days and our lives? Or else, what experiences can we get from artworks that elicit play? This exhibition looks at PLAY from many perspectives through collected works. Featured also is a small special exhibit of AWAZU Kiyoshi photographic works.

Laurie SIMMONS, The Music of Regret 2005-06
© Laurie SIMMONS



2017.4.8 (Sat.) - 2017.7.23 (Sun.)

The development of the OTON GLASS was occasioned by the project leader’s father’s dyslexia. A device combining glasses with a camera, the OTON GLASS helps people read by changing visual written information into aural voice information. This exhibition follows the development of the OTON GLASS as an aid not only for dyslexia sufferers but also for people in many circumstances where reading characters is difficult, such as travelers walking in cities overseas. In the venue, a space will be established for wearing an OTON GLASS prototype and actually experiencing its functions, so as to make clear the developers’ methods of research toward achieving practical use. Visitors are invited to see the “research site” of a young start-up that is fusing existing technologies to develop a revolutionary new device.


La leçon d’élégance par Françoise Moréchand Analyse de l’époque vol. 24

My Dior Story

2017.5.27 (Sat.)

The popular talk series featuring the Museum’s International Advisor, Francoise Moréchand. Ms. Moréchand offers penetrating insights into art, fashion, and contemporary society.

Venue :
Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
For More Information:
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Phone: +81-76-220-2811 / Public Affairs Section

“La leçon d’élégance par Françoise Moréchand” 2016
Photo : IKEDA Hiraku

ARTS PLANET 2017 Adventures for Children!

2017.5.4 (Thu.) - 2017.5.6 (Sat.)

For a period, the entire art museum becomes an ARTS PLANET for enjoying arts of all kinds. Events and workshops are held in which children take a principal role. This year’s theme—“Adventures for Children!” Let’s go to the lawn plaza, project room, Theater 21, and Tea Room for encounters with the unknown in a game-like mood!

Venue :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Public Zone, Plaza
For More Information:
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Phone: +81-76-220-2811 / Public Affairs Section

namstrops “The Olympics have already begun” 2016
photo : IKEDA Hiraku


Talk program [In a Grove] Alfredo JAAR “IT IS DIFFICULT”

2017.4.23 (Sun.)

This talk program will provide an opportunity to reconsider the artist’s public interventions around the world in light of current events and explore the potential of art as a transformative force.

Venue :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Project Room