Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts Projects Building

2005.4.29(Fri.) - 2005.5.22(Sun.)



2005.4.29(Fri.) - 2005.5.22(Sun.)


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Many of museums constructed in recent years are materialized in shape with a pure vision of the architect, and can perceive the reduced drawing of a present age architectural culture by taking a general view of them. The reflection of the flow of a cultural frame over the museum of today, a city planning idea, and the society can be clearly read there. This project be to apply the focus to the museum construction at the 20th end of the century, and to try to offer the view concerning the museum construction and the museum activity that do the bird's-eyeview, and the world is excellent, and to search by a new museum image of the 21st century as for the trend of today's architectural field.