Alternative Paradise

2005.11.5(Sat.) - 2006.3.5(Sun.)



2005.11.5(Sat.) - 2006.3.5(Sun.)


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Alternative Paradise is a thematic exhibition featuring new expressions, in an attempt to redefine a value notion of “Kogei” – a genre that has been considered somewhat peripheral from the perspective of the 20th century western modernism – by looking at their artistic attributes. The exhibition is comprised of two sections; an artistic space by eleven Japanese and international artists, all known for their specific mode of expression and the materials they use, and T-ROOM, a collaborative effort of KUMA Kengo (direction), IWAI Toshio, HARA Kenya, and FUKASAWA Naoto, where a tea-ceremony room is reinterpreted in a contemporary sense. All expressions here take a certain stance that capitalizes on “nature” as well as “other,” which was in a variety of ways believed to discover in another type of utopia – alternative paradise – different from the one that western modernism, dominant in the 20th century looked to. The idea is developed so as to use the gallery spaces almost to the full extent.

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