artificial heart: Kazuo Kawasaki

2006.9.16(Sat.) - 2006.11.12(Sun.)



2006.9.16(Sat.) - 2006.11.12(Sun.)


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

From scrub brushes, eyeglasses, interior design, wheelchairs, computers, and robots to a household nuclear power generation device and an artificial heart—the works of KAWASAKI Kazuo run the gamut. This is a large-scale solo exhibition devoted to Kawasaki, a designer who is ever pursuing new horizons. The exhibition’s keywords—“life, feeling, form.” Active at the cutting edge of technology, Kawasaki claims that “in the 21st century, design will change Japan and save the world.” He also insists on the value of “designing by hand.” His creations will be presented in hands-on displays utilizing video and music. Above all, do not miss PLATON’S ORGEL, an installation of twelve objects featuring fragments of Beatles tunes.