Real Utopia - Stories of the Unlimited

2006.11.23(Thu.) - 2007.3.21(Wed.)



2006.11.23(Thu.) - 2007.3.21(Wed.)


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

"Real Utopia - Stories of the Unlimited" is an exhibition which perceive patterns of human's perception of the world and the world itself as mixture of axis of multiple times and spaces, and it explores such images through artworks by Lee Bul, Yayoi Kusama, Sayako Kishimoto, and Taiyo Kimura. Lee's cyborg or monster images revolve around human's relation to the nature and the boarder of the reality and human's creations over times. Live and death, self and the world, Kusama explores such relations through endless creation of artworks. Kishimoto, through her performance and painting, pursued the significance of the individual existence and art expression in society by her own theory of social criticism. Artworks of Kimura's, which delineate unique humors and sarcasm, show particular ways of perception of the reality. These artworks show diversity of human's perception of the reality and its complicate relations to the collective and society, and indicate landscapes of human's quest for the existence in their own roots, their utopian places, living at the present moment. These pursuit, in other words, are to consider how they place themselves at the present, traveling around various time-space.