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Schedule of Exhibitions <April, 2014 to March, 2015>

Leandro ERLICH
May 3 [Sat] - Aug 31 [Sun]
Employing simple devices, Leandro ERLICH causes us to regard everyday reality with suspicion. His friendly, straight-forward approach gives maximum play to art’s essential appeal as an experience enjoyed without words and explanation. By moving us to question our routine perceptions, Erlich opens us to diverse perspectives and thoughts. Visitors to this exhibition can look forward to having their perceptions undermined by artworks that dynamically intervene in spaces.
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Japan Architects 1945-2010
Nov 1 [Sat] - Mar 15, 2015 [Sun]
Through the projects of some 100 architects, this exhibition will examine Japanese post-war architecture, which, while wavering between Western culture-based modernism and Japanese identity, has blazed its own path of development and won international attention. Co-produced with Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, which possesses numerous materials related to Japanese architecture, the exhibition will trace the development of post-war Japanese architecture and display materials—including precious historical items—never before exhibited in Japan.

Architecture since 3.11
Nov 1 [Sat] - May 10, 2015 [Sun]
What role will be sought of architects in society, hereafter? What kind of future can architects envision for us? Through the work of some 30 architects, we look at architecture since 3.11 and consider environmental issues, energy problems, and architecture’s relationship with the user and community.

Guest curators: IGARASHI Taro (Architecture Historian), YAMAZAKI Ryo (Community Designer)

Philosophical Fashion 3 mintdesigns “happy people”
Dec 7, 2013 [Sat] - May 18 [Sun]
This third exhibit in a series that ponders new values in fashion will present the work of fashion brand mintdesigns, which pursues the possibilities of “fashion” far beyond what is “fashionable.”
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NAKAMURA Yoshifumi “Come on-a my Hut!”
Apr 26 [Sat] - Aug 31 [Sun]
A hut that architect NAKAMURA Yoshifumi has designed as a residence for one person will be displayed—at actual scale—in a museum court. Huts of varying ages and cultures that have influenced Nakamura will also be presented in a gallery.
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HASHIMOTO Masaya “Awai naru mono”
May 24 [Sat] - Aug 31 [Sun]
In his work, HASHIMOTO Masaya has critically and exhaustively examined the distinctive “concern for materials and techniques” that permeates all Japanese art. This exhibition will present two important series of works by Hashimoto.

SUZUKI Yasuhiro’s Mitate Laboratory
Sep 13 [Sat] - Nov 24 [Mon]
Employing the mitate technique SUZUKI Yasuhiro and participants will express and share the discoveries they make in the art museum and around Kanazawa, using other, seemingly unrelated objects.

Dec 13 [Sat] - May 10, 2015 [Sun]
ARCHITECTURE FOR DOGS—an earnest architectural project for the happiness of dogs and people alike—looks at architecture from a
canine scale and explores new potentials in architecture.

Planning & direction: HARA Kenya
Participating architects: Atelier Bow-Wow, ITO Toyo, MVRDV, KUMA Kengo, Konstantin GRCIC,
SEJIMA Kazuyo, Torafu Architects, NAITO Hiroshi, BAN Shigeru, FUJIMOTO Sou, Reiser + Umemoto, Hara Design Institute, and
HARA Kenya

Collection Exhibition I∙II
I Apr 12 [Sat] - Sep 21 [Sun]
II Sep 13 [Sat] Oct 13 - [Mon]

The Museum, to mark its 10th anniversary and give visitors opportunity to rediscover its contemporary appeal, will present works in its collection rarely or never before displayed in Collection Exhibition I. Exhibition II will focus on photographic works among the works of wide-ranging media in the collection.

Awazu Kiyoshi : Makurihirogeru(EXPOSE)1
Art Running Wild: AWAZU Kiyoshi and Performance
Sep 13 [Sat] - Oct 13 [Mon]

This exhibition will show art performances undertaken by AWAZU Kiyoshi, ponder his spaces, places and people, and exhibit the expressive world of an artist who pursued the theme, “Seeing Is Creating.”

Tastes of Curiosity — Museum of Curiosities
food creation + The University Museum, The University of Tokyo
Program Period:Apr 26 [Sat] - Mar, 2015

“Taste of Curiosity Hut”Apr 26 [Sat] Oct 13 [Mon∙Holiday]
“Banquet of Curiosity”Oct 4 [Sat∙Holiday] Oct 13 [Mon∙Holiday]
Performance etc.Regular intervals

Marking the Museum’s 10th anniversary, we harken back to the museum concept’s source—curiosity—and invite visitors to join us in gathering the foodstuffs of curiosity. These will be prepared as a taste experience under the direction of SUWA Ayako / food creation. In October, a “banquet” will be held in a “The Chambers of Curiosities” created with The University Museum, The University of Tokyo.

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NOTE: Scheduling is current as of March 2014. Title and dates are subject to change.