21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Annual Report for the Year 2021–2022

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Annual Report for the Year 2021–2022(PDF:10.5MB)


06 Somewhere Between the Odd and the Ordinary
15 Countermeasures Against Awkward Discourses:
20 From the Perspective of Third Wave Feminism
28 Collection Exhibition: Scales
32 Collection Exhibition 1: Inner Cosmology
38 Collection Exhibition 2: BLUE
41 Doug Aitken: i am in you
44 Aperto 13 TAKAHASHI Haruki: Landscaping
47 Aperto 14 HARADA Yuki: Waiting for
50 Aperto 15 TOMIYASU Yuma: The Pale Horse

【Conservation, Registration, Archives】
53 Conservation
54 New Acquisitions
59 Archive

【Programs for Lifelong Learning】
61 “Museum Cruise” ProgramInviting Fourth Graders from Kanazawa Schools to the Museum
63 “Marubi Art School 2021” for junior high school students “Magical Garden”
65 Museum Practice / Internship Program / Admission Free Week of Exhibition
66 Kids Studio Programs
68 Art Library Programs
70 Volunteers

【Programs for Regional Cultural Revitalization】
73 Come join us! Theater for Everyone: ver. Kids
75 ADACHI Tomomi : Workshop & Performance for John Cage’s “Europera”
77 Kanazawa Fringe ver. Kids/RADIO Lookout
79 La leçon d’élégance par Françoise Moréchand: Analyse de l’époque Open Call Support Projects “&21”
81 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Presents
84 Dramatic! Bus Tour for High School Students 2021
86 Children’s Cinema Classroom Beginning Lebel & Intermediate Level 2021 in Kanazawa
88 Marubi Cinema Paradise! vol.8 Poisonous “Laughter ~ A Thine Fine Line between Tragedy and Comedy”
90 A Museum For All, and With All
92 Marubi Art-Complex
94 Kanazawa Citizens Free Art Day “Open Museum 2021”
100 JICHIKU 2021: Age of Decoupling vol.1 KOIZUMI Meiro: Prometheus Bound
102 "JICHIKU 2021: Age of Decoupling vol.2 Akira Takayama / Port B: WAGNER PROJECT @ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa"
104 New Art Bus Revealed

107 Research

【Public Relations】
109 Public Relations
110 Membership

112 Prevention Measures against COVID-19
113 Number of Visitors
114 Facility Rentals
116 List of Publication
117 Sustain Members