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Photo: WATANABE Osamu

Architectural Data

Structure Steel frame and reinforced concrete
2 basements + 2 stories above grade
Site area 26,964.5m²
Total Floor Area 27,920m²
・Museum Area 17,069m²
・Parking 10,557m²
・Bicycle Parking 53m²
・Project Room 241m²
Gallery Areas ・Galleries 2,056m²
・Long-Term Project Room 135m²
・'Kapoor' Room 72m²
・'Turrell' Room 110m²
・Project Room 241m²
・People's Gallery 1,458m²
Other Facilities ・Lecture Hall 108m²
・Library 174m²
・Kid's studio 242m²
・ Media Lab 65m²
・Museum Shop 108m²
・Design Gallery 60m²
・Restaurant 225m²
・Theater21 252m²
・Storage 1,496m²
Building Form Building Diameter: 113m
Maximum Height: 14.9m
Ceiling Height of Corridor: 3.955m
Architects Kazuyo Sejima+Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA
Construction Joint Venture between Takenaka, Hazama, Toyokura, Oka, Honjin and Nihonkai