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Permanent Exhibits

People’s Gallery 09.10.04-21.03.05

Michael LIN

© Michael LIN
photo : NAKAMICHI Atsushi / Nacása & Partners


Production year: 2004
Media and technique: acrylic paint / Chairs: Michael Lin in collaboration with Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA
Size: (wall) H395.5 × W2,744cm, (each of 15 chairs) H87 ×W46×D76cm


In producing this work, Michael Lin resided in Kanazawa and visited artisan studios to research the history and techniques of Kaga Yuzen kimono fabric dyeing. The floral pattern he conceived as a result now covers an entire wall of the Museum’s bright, sunlit People’s Gallery. The same pattern adorns the surface of the rocking chairs designed by SANAA that are situated before the wall. Lin’s work exudes a cheerful, robust energy that transcends the framework of wall and chairs and asserts its own presence, and which seems to erode the neutral white spaces of the Museum.


Michael LIN
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1964. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China. Around 1999, Michael Lin established his style of creating large paintings on walls and floors, employing as motifs the floral patterns of traditional textiles used in bedcovers and other household items in his native Taiwan. Today, his installations unfold in the spaces of cafes, offices, public spaces, and other places where people congregate, and even include furniture, cushions, and other utility goods. Michael Lin’s world, which has emerged from the personal aesthetic language he fostered during his youth in Taiwan and studies in the USA, transcends the frameworks of tradition, style, and culture, and engages our sensibilities with intimate warmth.