12 02


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa program for 2021

Questioning our previous “ordinary”

Amid a pandemic showing little sign of ending as we head into a new fiscal year, proceeding with all possible caution to prevent COVID-19 transmission the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will continue to engage in its extensive program activities, and disseminate these to a wide audience. 2021 looks likely to be a year of questioning our hitherto widely shared ideas of what constitutes our “ordinary,” or normal.

In addition to the special exhibitions “Somewhere between the Odd and Ordinary,” which as the title suggests will take a fresh look at the space between the ordinary and extraordinary, from the perspective of everyday living; and “FEMINISMS,” a reexamining and reinterpreting of the issue of women’s rights, which has been in the spotlight again in recent years, we will be presenting from the permanent collection the exhibitions “Inner Cosmology” on the theme of the prayer and beliefs that lie behind works of art, and “BLUE”, which will showcase the eponymous shade between darkness and light.

At the same time, one of our issues as a museum is how to become an “ordinary” place for local residents. In initiatives such as “Open Marubi” designed to build a place where local people can be actively involved with the Museum as part of their day-to-day lives, we will be contemplating what we can do to make the Museum a comfortable place for all ahead of the free admission day for Kanazawa residents on November 3. Continued rollout of the “Marubi Art-Complex / Open Museum Art Complex” program in which local residents take the lead in forming a “town square,” and “Museum For All, and With All,” designed to make the Museum easily accessible to all, will also be vital elements of this. The Museum will also continue to meet the expectations of a diverse range of visitors through its membership scheme, voluntary activities, and Kid’s Studio programs, fulfilling its role as a setting for communication connecting citizens and the community with art.

In addition to workshops offering fun for children and their families, and programs such as “Dramatic! Bus Tour for High School Students” aimed at encouraging art-based activities among local youth, the variety-packed calendar for 2021 will once again include the Jichiku project focusing on activities that push the boundaries of art convention. And last but not least, another must-see will be the eyecatching revamp of the Art Bus used to transport Museum visitors.

21sr Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa