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Jacques Rozier’s Vacation

2010.7.17 (Sat.) -
2010.7.19 (Mon.)

Du Cĉté d’ Orouët, Jacques
ROZIER, 1969 - 70


Period :
2010.7.17 (Sat.)〜2010.7.19 (Mon.)

A series devoted to Jacque ROZIER, a standard bearer for French new wave cinema in the 1960s. We offer 6 films by this legendary director, acclaimed by GODARD, who has created relatively few films in his 60 years of career.

Eiga no gokui (Art of Film), vol.10
Portuguese Film Series

Commemorating 150 years of exchange between Japan and Portugal, a program offering a precious opportunity to enjoy Portuguese Films. Over 10 films are scheduled, some of them never before screened in Japan.