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Kanazawa Fringe 2017

2017.11.2 (Thu.) -
2017.11.5 (Sun.)

INADA Shunsuke, "KANAZAWA Mousou Restaurant TEI-EN" 2016
Photo: UEDA Yoko


Period :
2017.11.2 (Thu.) - 2017.11.5 (Sun.)
Opening night: 11.2 (Thu.) (venue: Theater 21) / Public showings: 11.3 (Fri.) - 5 (Sun.)
Venue :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Theater 21 and sites in Kanazawa
For More Information:
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Phone: +81-76-220-2811 / Public Affairs Section


“Kanazawa Fringe” is a plurality of in-residence art projects by artists and creators from Japan and abroad who are creating new artworks in the context of their discoveries in Kanazawa. Spilling from the museum out into the city, they develop their projects in a circulatory spiral—first, “meeting” Kanazawa’s districts, people and issues from an art perspective, then making “proposal” of new approaches, initiating creative “action,” and inducing gentle “change.” The goal of all this, over the long term, will be to make Kanazawa a hub of creative activity. Projects are implemented in two-year cycles. On the basis of research conducted last year by project directors, in-residence production of new works will be publically shown in November 2017.

Participating creators:
Brian LOBEL (performer, director)
Sokerissa! (dance)
INADA Shunsuke (chef)

Artist Profile

Photo: Christa Holka


After his own experience with cancer, Lobel is visiting nations around the world to create works concerning illness, health, cancer, patient experiences, and medical practice.

Inada Shunsuke, “KANAZAWA Mousou Restaurant TEI-EN” 2016
photo: UEDA Yoko


A performance group composed of dancers AOKI Yuki, YOKOUCHI Masato, KOISO Matsumi, homeless people, and former homeless people.

photo: IKEDA Hiraku

INADA Shunsuke

After graduating from Kyoto University Faculty of Economics, Inada worked for a food company then entered the world of cuisine. He has undertaken business and recipe development for French, Japanese and ethnic restaurants and is now writing his first book about food culture.


Organized by:
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)