“HEAR” premier by dance company KINGYO (Yukio Suzuki)

2010.8.21(Sat) - 2010.8.22(Sun)



2010.8.21(Sat) - 2010.8.22(Sun)



Yukio Suzuki (dance) × Naoyuki Tsuji (animation) × Kazuhisa Uchihashi (music)

Aug 21 [Sat], 22 [Sun]
Residency Period: Aug 9 [Mon] - 22 [Sun]

Following last year’s “The Edge of Words”, SUZUKI Yukio will again create an in- residency production. He has won acclaim with raw, realistic dance expression that captures the spontaneous feel of a documentary. This time, he will get deeper into sound, physicality, and the imagery possessed by “words”. Blending the charcoal drawing animation of TSUJI Naoyuki and powerfully original music of UCHIHASHI Kazuhisa, Suzuki will evoke a world of astonishing freedom.