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21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, kanazawa



At 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, creative activities involving artists in tie-ups and collaborations with the community are underway in varying styles different from exhibitions. Programs open to broad public participation are also being held. Then, to “create new culture” and “awaken new vitality” in Kanazawa, the Museum holds programs for revitalizing regional culture through the stage arts, as well as programs giving citizens a role in creating a “town square” atmosphere of lively exchange among the museum visitors who come and go.


A project of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, launched in 2017. Under the keyword jichi (autonomy), “Jichiku” opens up possibilities of all kinds, thereby creating a place filled with a premonition of “something” new about to be born.


KANAZAWA FRINGE gives a voice to the easily overlooked fringe of society and phenomena. By stepping free from preexisting concepts and formats, it taps the region’s contemporary creative energy and channels it into forms that can be passed down in the region.

Open Call Support Projects “&21”

Open Call Support Projects “&21” is a program held in Theater 21 aimed at revitalizing regional culture by means of stage arts such as drama, dance, performance, music, and film. Through public recruiting, projects rich in creativity and artistry, conducive of regional exchange and fostering the next generation, are selected.

Marubi Art-Complex

“Marubi Art-Complex” is a program giving citizens a role in making the Museum a “town square”—a complex, cross-genre interaction of people, events, and things.