Show-tent Series Vol.3 conclusion

Nameless Voice —garden of water, house of sand

2012.10.20 (Sat.) - 2012.10.21 (Sun.)

Noism1, a dance company led by KANAMORI Jo, offers the third and conclusion of its Show-tent series dealing with events confronting contemporary society. The theme is “water” in reexamining issues of physicality in dance and of environmental and social destruction.

Venue :

Show-tent Series Vol.1
scene from "Nameless Hands - Doll's House”*

Japan-Israel 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relationship

Yasmeen Godder LOVE FIRE

2012.9.29 (Sat.) - 2012.9.30 (Sun.)

Yasmeen Godder‒ an Israeli choreographer now in the spotlight of the international dance scene. The desire to fall in love, to lose control, to be transformed and taken by passion are explored through bold physicality and bizzare imagery, which give a new twist to stereotypes of male and female identity, and the roles they play within a relationships.


"an invitation to visit the colorful cabaret of the choreographer who butchers her heart and guts out in front of the audience, but this time she does it with lots of humor. Luckily, the same explosive element which characterizes her previous works, received here a place full of air and smart sense of humor"
Shelly Kling, Globes

Venue :
Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Museum Opening 8th Anniversary Event

Silence—Suzuki, Cage and Onward to Century 22

2012.9.15 (Sat.)

A program marking the centennial of John CAGE’s birth. Cage’s works transcending borders between music and philosophy will be revived by the Arditti String Quartet and Kanazawa’s Noh master, YABU Toshihiko. We will also explore Cage’s Eastern musical perspectives through composer ICHIYANAGI Toshi —a close friend of Cage, and the influence of Cage’s mentor, Kanazawa-born Buddhist philosopher, D.T. Suzuki.

Venue :

John Cage and Irvine Arditti

Théâtre des Confettis

Celestial Mechanics

2012.8.3 (Fri.) - 2012.8.6 (Mon.)

The Théâtre des Confettis, a company based in Quebec City, Canada, enthralls audiences of all ages with highly artistic, fantasy-like productions. “Celestial Mechanics”, a new work by Claudie GAGNON, will be their first performance at the Museum since “Goodies, Beasties, and Sweethearts” four years ago.

Venue :

Inside the cuckoo clock, actors Marìanne Marceau,
Jonathan Gagnon and Frédérìc Lebrasseur
Photo: Louise LEBLANC

Eiga no gokui (Art of Film), vol.13

Isabelle Adjani, France’s Most Beloved Actress

2012.7.7 (Sat.) - 2012.7.8 (Sun.)

Isabelle ADJANI—the great French movie actress who made a meteoric rise to fame in the 1970s and captivated movie directors from TRUFFAUT to POLANSKI. Through first-time Japan showings of films and a talk by Florent DABADIE, we will introduce Adjani’s charisma as an innovative “contemporary superstar” and an actress who embodies the essence of the French woman.

Venue :

『LA GIFLE』 GAUMONT copyrights

Josef Nadj Choreography & Performance

Les Corbeaux

2012.3.3 (Sat.) - 2012.3.4 (Sun.)

The latest work by Josef NADJ, who has won many Japanese audience since his 1987 Japan debut in “Canard Pekinois.” In “Les Corbeaux,” which won raves at the Festival D’Avignon, Nadj fuses dance and music, painting and performance to express his unique vision of the world.

Venue :

Three Far Eastern Men in Dark Suits


2012.1.14 (Sat.) - 2012.1.15 (Sun.)

“Tri_K” examines life in contemporary society with subtle humor, from a game player’s twisted perspective.
A dialogue of the body by Hong Kong’s Dick WONG, movie director/ actor IMAIZUMI Koichi, and Dumb Type dancer KAWAGUCHI Takao.

Venue :

Photo: TAGUCHI Hiroki