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Merry Marubi Christmas V

2011.12.25 (Sun.)

The annual co-sponsorship series with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (OEK)—our 5th year of offering “encounters between music and art” for casual enjoyment at the Museum. Don’t miss our annual Christmas event, “Merry Marubi Christmas V.”

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Plays Bösendorfer feat. Mamiko Hirai / Yosuke Yamashita

2011.12.23 (Fri.) - 2011.12.25 (Sun.)

A series featuring Theater 21’s house piano, a refurbished 1962 Bösendorfer. This year, we announce the eagerly awaited revival of our Christmas Jazz special. The Bösendorfer will come to life with beautiful, spirited tones.

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Eiga no gokui (Art of Film), vol.12

Frederick Wiseman Retrospective

2011.11.18 (Fri.) - 2011.11.20 (Sun.)

A project by a national cinematheque network to screen rare films unable to be shown at commercial theaters. Featured this year are works by Frederick WISEMAN, a film director considered to be today’s greatest documentary artist.

Venue :

Eiga no gokui (Art of Film), vol.11

Festival de Films Québécois

2011.7.22 (Fri.) - 2011.7.24 (Sun.)

From Canada—home of the internationally renowned Montreal World Film Festival, a film series introducing the artistry of Quebec cinema. Included will be Frédéric BACK’s renowned heartwarming animation work, “L’ HOMME QUI PLANTAIT DES ARBRES.”

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Artist Residency of TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD 2010 Yuuri Furuie (Dancer, Choreographer)

2011.6.20 (Mon.) - 2011.6.27 (Mon.)

A residency program inviting TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD winners to Kanazawa. This year, FURUIE Yuuri, winner of the 2010 “Next Generation Choreographer Award,” will undertake in-residence creation.
The production site—where new works by today’s hottest choreographers are being born—will be opened to public viewing.

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Photo:KATAOKA Yohta