Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

2017.11.25 (Sat.) - 2018.3.11 (Sun.)

Skillfully using sophisticated sound and video technology, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller create works that draw us inside them by appealing to our senses of “hearing” and “seeing.” Reality and fiction interblend, and suddenly we are in a completely different space-time—like opening a door to another world. This will be Canadian-born duo’s first large-scale solo exhibition in Japan and Asia. Viewers will be plunged into their striking art world through some ten installation works, including new works never exhibited.

The Marionette Maker (Detail), 2014

Local textile 1

TO & FRO Thinner, Lighter

2017.11.18 (Sat.) - 2018.4.8 (Sun.)

Ishikawa prefecture, while a center for traditional textile production, also produces 40% of Japan’s nylon. Higher functionality is now being demanded of the domestic textile industry, which faces competition from inexpensive overseas products. The Kaji Group, an Ishikawa prefecture textile company, has used fine thread to create an unusually light and thin fabric, which it is providing to outdoor brands. This exhibition examines “TO & FRO,” a travel product giving play to the fabric’s features.

photo courtesy : Kaji Group co. ltd

TARO IZUMI A Child Suddenly

2017.10.7 (Sat.) - 2018.3.25 (Sun.)

Izumi Taro (1976 -) uses everyday matters and limited conditions to complexly reshape common perceptions. He gives visual form, in artworks, to absurd experiences lurking in everyday life. For this exhibition, Izumi will assemble a team (the “Very New Team”—an unstable entity which may or may not exist) and display artworks filled simultaneously with chaos and humor.

reference image
photo: SUETSUGU Akari

Collection Exhibition 2 Undying Life

2017.7.22 (Sat.) - 2018.1.8 (Mon.)

Today, with the development scientific technologies such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology, long-standing social values are being vigorously shaken. This exhibition displays works concerned with the “migration” of life forms, ranging in spectrum from the transmigration of souls to the artificial creation of new species. We explore the meaning of creating new life forms and possibilities of living in “artificial nature.”

TSUBAKI Noboru Aesthetic Pollution
© TSUBAKI Nabber
Installation view, Collection Exhibition “Invisible Reality” (2010-11)
Wall drawings: KIMURA Yuki, TATEGAMI Kotaro