Aperto 03


2016.1.30 (Sat.) - 2016.5.8 (Sun.)

This exhibition will present Visible Breath (2012) by SAKANO Mitsunori, a video installation work employing five screens. Sakano was born in Tsurugi in Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture in 1977 and raised there. Today, he is a practicing Tokyo-based video artist. Sakano studied art and video production at the University of East London and, on his return, embarked on the creation of video artworks. Increasingly, his interest has turned to the festivals and other traditions of his native Tsurugi. Visible Breath is the culmination of his investigations into that world. The work takes iron production as its motif, an industry through which Tsurugi (pronounced the same as tsurugi, the word for sword) had commerce with Izumo(Shimane Prefecture, Japan) and the Korean peninsula in ancient times. Sakano has imbued Tsurugi’s traditions with his own interpretations to create a work of fictional content that activates the imaginations of viewers.

WASHIDA Meruro (Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)

Visible Breath 2012

A Centennial Exhibition

INOUE Yuichi

2016.1.2 (Sat.) - 2016.3.21 (Mon.)

A Centennial Exhibition: INOUE Yuichi will be a large-scale retrospective marking the birth 100 years ago of Inoue Yuichi (1916-1985), one of Japan’s most important postwar artists.
Inoue Yuichi is among the few Japanese contemporary artists to win broad international acclaim in the postwar years. Taking the ink and paper of calligraphy tradition as his expressive medium, Inoue became a pioneering voice in the postwar Japanese art scene. This exhibition will go to the core of Inoue’s art through more than 200 of his most notable works from his early to late periods.
From his 1955 “Work” series, the exhibition will present examples of Inoue’s abstract calligraphy, created in response to abstract expressionism. It will also display his foremost early-period work Gutetsu, submitted in the 1957 São Paulo Art Biennial, and works of the 1960s such as (Fond), Haha (Mother), and Kaze (Wind) created using innovative materials and methods of his own invention, such as glue and frozen ink. The exhibition will then move to Inoue works of the 1970s that reflect the mind in accord with lifestyle, such as Hin (Poverty), and final period works of the late 1970s and ‘80s, such as Tori (Bird), Tsuki (Moon), Fun (Behead), and Taka (Hawk) which construct an increasingly rich world.
The exhibition will highlight the varying styles for which Inoue is known, his single-character calligraphy, needless to say, but also his multi-character pieces recalling his experience of the horror of war, Tokyo-daikūshū (Tokyo Bombing) and Ah Yokokawa Kokumin-gakkō (Ah, Yokokawa National School!) His kotobagaki (word works) in which he spoke the word as part of the creative action will also be featured: works such as Kaeru Tanjō-sai and Yodaka-no-hoshi rendered in conté pencil, pencil, or carbon. The exhibition will conclude with works of Inoue’s late years undertaken amid his struggle with illness. These include Nametokoyama no Kuma (The Bears of Nametoko Mountain) and his free-hand copies (rinsho) of the classics Yan Qingli Stele and Jō (Above), as well as his final piece, Kokoro (Mind).
Through works representing every stage his career, the exhibition will explore the world of free, unconventional calligraphy to which Inoue Yuichi remained committed throughout his life.

Exhibition curator: AKIMOTO Yuji
Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Collection 2 History, Regrowth, and Future

2015.11.28 (Sat.) - 2016.5.8 (Sun.)

The Collection 1 exhibition, this fiscal year, provided opportunities to question and explore what is for us the world of “now.” In continuation, Collection 2 envisions our “future” through artworks recently acquired by this museum and by freshly interpreting its existing collection. What is contemporary art’s potential in the 21st century when social values are rapidly changing in every region of Japan as in every nation of the world? In an exhibition organized into the themes “History” and “Regrowth,” we invite viewers to join us in imagining the road before us.
In continuation from last year, furthermore, the exhibition “Awazu Kiyoshi: Makurihirogeru (EXPOSE) 2” will be held concurrently with the Collection exhibition.

HIROMURA Masaaki Junglin’ in Kanazawa Indistinct Landscapes

2015.11.21 (Sat.) - 2016.5.8 (Sun.)

“Beauty” and “contemplation” are qualities that design implies and they both offer ideas in solving various problems. Now the role of design is expanding together with the field of design itself. The future becomes visible by looking at the essence of things from the periphery¬—the designer Masaaki Hiromura reinterprets the landscape of Kanazawa through design thinking.
“Junglin’” is a series of video installations which originally began in 2010. This year, we present “Junglin’ in Kanazawa/Indistinct Landscapes”. A familiar scene can be easily obscured into an unexpected image by a slight shift of perspective. What appears in front of you is a fresh form, transporting you away from conventional symbols of everyday life to a somewhat primitive perception of your surrounding. How do we usually perceive landscapes and what is overlooked?

HIROMURA Masaaki Junglin’ in Kanazawa Indistinct Landscapes

The Contemporary 3

BCL Ghost in the Cell

2015.9.19 (Sat.) - 2016.3.21 (Mon.)

Does Information Possess Life?—Fusing Biotechnology and Art
The artist collective BCL has won international attention with such projects as storing a family’s DNA inside the DNA of a tree to create a “living memorial” or else releasing genetically modified flowers into the natural environment. This time, by giving DNA and cells to Miku Hatsune—a humanoid persona, voiced by a singing synthesizer application, who is known worldwide as a representative of Japanese pop culture—BCL will explore contemporary Japan’s unique imaginative power, which continually travels between life and non-life, art and entertainment, and individual and collaborative creation.

BCL + Semitransparent Design Ghost in the Cell 2015
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