Katsuhiko HIBINO Art Project


2008.5.31 (Sat.) - 2008.10.19 (Sun.)

The second phase of “HOME→AND←AWAY” SYSTEM, launched in 2007, is entitled “Katsuhiko HIBINO Art Project ‘HOME→AND←AWAY’ SYSTEM meets NODA [But-a-I].” In this phase, Katsuhiko Hibino and Hideki Noda will travel back and forth between each other’s “HOME→AND←AWAY” (art and theater) in a grand experiment in expressive action.
By introducing the element of theater into art through workshops and stage design, Katsuhiko Hibino will seek to expand the possibilities for expression in the art museum context. Through interaction with the “art museum gallery”—what is for him an “away” setting—Hideki Noda will reach for new expressive potential.
Constructed from over 2,000 Owase hinoki (Japanese cypress) trees, the [But-a-I] stage displayed in the gallery functions as a device for converting visitors alternately to actors and viewers. The [But-a-I] workshop launched in April in the Project Room, moreover, will expand its activities to the [But-a-I] stage in the gallery and become a public workshop of open character.

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Collection I

2008.5.27 (Tue.) - 2008.7.21 (Mon.)

Drawing from the Museum’s Collection, the “Collection Exhibition” presents a complex blend of viewpoints through the display of important artworks reflecting and influencing changes and transitions in human values. Employing such artworks, the exhibitions of this series explore diverse facets of contemporary society.
“Collection I” introduces diverse styles of artistic expression through 40 works by 8 artists. The works of artist Canan DAGDELEN are characterized by her investigation of our cultural identity and our connectivity with our exterior physical environment. The four Dagdelen works displayed in this exhibition explore the instable character of our notions of “homeland” and “home.”
Artist Ernesto NETO has won global acclaim with works investigating the relationship between body and space. His BODY SPACE NAVE MIND employs a highly elastic fabric, Lycra, in producing an installation reminding us of an immense, organic life form. With its fabric of skin-like feel and herbal fragrances, the work speaks directly to our body and mind about our connection with the myriad things existing around us.
Sea Breeze, a piece representative of MURAKAMI Takashi’s early work, is also a must-see. In this work, shutters are attached to the front and back of an immense box-like form having wheels and tail lamps at its base. The shutters open at regular intervals to disclose powerful lights so bright, viewers must avert their eyes.
Also displayed are works by Gabriel OROZCO, Johan GRIMONPREZ, HIBINO Katsuhiko, Carsten NICOLAI, and KAWASAKI Kazuo. Viewers are invited to enjoy artworks that explore the world around us and capture the character of human values, perceptions, and cognition of reality from many viewpoints. (This exhibition has ended.)

Ron Mueck

2008.4.26 (Sat.) - 2008.8.31 (Sun.)

This is a solo exhibition of Ron Mueck (1958 - ), whose works attract a great deal of attention, to be held for the first time in Japan. Mueck who has a career of making models for movies and TV programs makes full use of materials such as silicon and fiberglass to express a human body in precise sculpture by means of a classic casting technique. To complete his work, Mueck devotes himself completely to communicate with materials and the motif in the long thorough process of production. In the world of his work, realism showing in detail even hair and blood vessels under the skin is interwoven with the unreality of sizes that are gigantic or minimum. You might say that the world of his works is criticizing the nature of human existence in the contemporary society. The world of MueckÅfs works, which cross the body and the spirit, and the ordinary and the unordinary, confronts us vividly with the essential issue in art, that is, the relation between "creation" and "the nature of human existence."

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Ron Mueck
A Girl, 2006
National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
Courtesy: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa