My Civilisation: Grayson Perry

2007.4.28 (Sat.) - 2007.8.31 (Fri.)

In this first solo exhibition of the work of Grayson Perry ever mounted in Japan, an attempt has been made to introduced the full scope of the artist’s oeuvre, from early works to his most recent. Perry, the Turner Prize winner of 2003, is one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists in the U.K., known primarily for his provocative ceramic works.
Grayson Perry was born in Chelmsford (U.K.) in 1960, and currently lives in London. In addition to creating his highly elaborated ceramic works, Perry works in a wide range of media such as embroidery, photography, printmaking and sculpture. A consistent element in all his work, however, is the way he deals unflinchingly with such serious subjects as violence, prejudices, sexual suppression and the conventional customs and beliefs that people rely on, without fear of being misunderstood. His artistic expression is often flavored with fantasy and humor, as well as self-identification. Many of his works contain autobiographical elements. Perry often dresses as a transvestite and his female image, Claire, appears as an important character in many of his creations. Another important character that often appears in Perry’s works is Alan Measles, a teddy bear that can be a “surrogate father” figure and the artist’s protector.
With about 70 works, including dozens of new creations, this exhibition invites us to set out on a voyage through a unique world that Perry calls his ‘civilization’.

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Grayson PERRY
What’s not to like? (detail), 2006
Courtesy: Artist / Victoria Miro Gallery
©Grayson PERRY

Collection I

2007.4.28 (Sat.) - 2007.7.16 (Mon.)

Artworks from the Museum collection are introduced. Particularly, works that respond to the change or conversion in the social value system elaboratingvarious perspectives are exhibited. This examines intricate relationshipsbetween human expressions and the society.

Katsuhiko HIBINO Art Project " HOME AND AWAY" SYSTEM

2007.4.1 (Sun.) - 2008.3.20 (Thu.)

Katsuhiko HIBINO Art Project " HOME AND AWAY" SYSTEM is almost a-year on-going project. Its educational part is modeld on "Zon Moderna" in Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden. A part of this Art Project, "Asatte Asagao Project 21" starts from April and continues until November 2007. The exhibition of Katsuhiko HIBINO is on view from September 29, 2007.

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Atelier Bow-Wow “IKI-IKI Machiya Project”

2007.4.1 (Sun.) - 2007.9.17 (Mon.)

Atelier Bow-Wow, an architectural team formed of TSUKAMOTO Yoshiharu and KAIJIMA Momoyo, investigates the city of Kanazawa and constructs a proposal for a vibrant architectural space. Atelier Bow-Wow is noted for creating unique designs based on regional investigations, such as “Moving Furniture” and “Movable Classroom.” In this project, they explore the possibilities of collaborations between architects and regional volunteers.

Atelier Bow-Wow
Furni-cycle, 2002
Collection: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa