From the Collection of S.M.A.K., Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent

We Humans are Free:

2006.4.29 (Sat.) - 2006.8.31 (Thu.)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between the cities of Kanazawa and Ghent, we introduce about 70 works by 11 artists selected from the collection of S.M.A.K., Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent.
Up to the present day from the beginning of the 20th century, the theme “art & life” has always been important in art. It will be safe to say that since the foundation in 1975, S.M.A.K. has been one of the museums playing an active part in pursuing this theme most earnestly. Three artists, Beuys, Broodthaers, and Panamarenko, who the Museum itself calls “Big Triangle”, approved all human potentialities, criticized the “art” system with narrow views, and tried to broaden the concept of “art” to the extent of “life.” This attitude has been passed on through the artists’ activities and works which characterize today’s S.M.A.K.-Barrio, Weinberger, and others. Sharing the attitude of S.M.A.K., we at this museum in Kanazawa are pleased to introduce their activities in this exhibition.

*Press Releases

Artur Barrio
Interminável, 2005
Photo:Dirk Pauwels
Courtesy S.M.A.K., Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent

Collection I

2006.3.21 (Tue.) - 2006.8.20 (Sun.)

Artworks from the Museum collection are introduced. Particularly, works that respond to the change or conversion in the social value system elaboratingvarious perspectives are exhibited. This examines intricate relationshipsbetween human expressions and the society.