Collection I

2006.3.21 (Tue.) - 2006.8.20 (Sun.)

Artworks from the Museum collection are introduced. Particularly, works that respond to the change or conversion in the social value system elaboratingvarious perspectives are exhibited. This examines intricate relationshipsbetween human expressions and the society.

Alternative Paradise

2005.11.5 (Sat.) - 2006.3.5 (Sun.)

Alternative Paradise is a thematic exhibition featuring new expressions, in an attempt to redefine a value notion of “Kogei” – a genre that has been considered somewhat peripheral from the perspective of the 20th century western modernism – by looking at their artistic attributes. The exhibition is comprised of two sections; an artistic space by eleven Japanese and international artists, all known for their specific mode of expression and the materials they use, and T-ROOM, a collaborative effort of KUMA Kengo (direction), IWAI Toshio, HARA Kenya, and FUKASAWA Naoto, where a tea-ceremony room is reinterpreted in a contemporary sense. All expressions here take a certain stance that capitalizes on “nature” as well as “other,” which was in a variety of ways believed to discover in another type of utopia – alternative paradise – different from the one that western modernism, dominant in the 20th century looked to. The idea is developed so as to use the gallery spaces almost to the full extent.

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AT HOME dot, 2004 / HOMELIKE II, 2005
Photo: SAIKI Taku