no new folk studio

2016.5.21 (Sat.) - 2016.9.25 (Sun.)

Series Orphe is a shoe of a new dimension whose sole lights up and produces sounds like a musical instrument when the user moves. The trajectories of light and sound performed by the wearer arise from the wearer’s bodily motion. “no new folk studio Inc.” is a start-up launched in 2014 by KIKUKAWA Yuya. Wanting to work in the music field, Kikukawa began creating musical instruments and eventually developed a prototype for Orphe, a percussion instrument in the form of a shoe. Working in collaboration with engineers and designers, he has refined the instrument and will soon launch commercial sales. Orphe is not strictly a shoe or musical instrument. It transcends borders and genres of all kinds and offers the user unlimited possibilities to explore.
This exhibition will present the video work Motion-Score, featuring a dancer wearing Orphe moving freely through the art museum in the darkness of night. The dancer’s “motion” converts to sound and light and becomes a performance, and hence, the dancer’s movement is like a “score.” On three screens, video imagery based on three themes will unfold—a “Tour” of strolling freely around inside the museum, a “Concert” performed by manipulating Orphe like a musical instrument, and “Reverberations” produced by the interplay of Orphe’s light and music with the spaces of the building. We invite you to enjoy the music interface, Orphe, created by a group of next-generation creators.

Collection 1

Nous-sewing and living

2016.5.21 (Sat.) - 2016.9.25 (Sun.)

“Nous” is French for “we.” It can mean “we women” or “we men.” When it comes to artistic creation and giving a form to one’s ideas, there are no distinctions between women and men. “Handicrafts,” nevertheless, was long primarily viewed as a women’s creative field, and many women in the past, when seeking creative expression in daily life, spontaneously took in hand not the paintbrush but the more familiar needle and thread.
Sewing is an activity filled with quiet thoughts and feelings. This is true whether one sews for one’s family in bliss or solitude, or joyfully for oneself. Then, the clothing born from that time has a power to communicate the personality of the wearer. Works created as an extension of everyday life often express fleeting, complex feelings hard to define. In our encounters with them, “we” viewers may find ourselves experiencing emotions we have been little conscious of before. This exhibition of works by five artists in our collection and four guest artists—nine women artists in all—will look at handcrafted work in connection with art and ponder the issue of gender.

Aperto 04

Nerhol Promenade

2016.5.21 (Sat.) - 2016.8.28 (Sun.)

The artist duo Nerhol was born from a chance encounter between IIDA Ryuta, who creates sculptural works using paper and print media, and TANAKA Yoshihisa, who explores visual information as a graphic designer. As a collaboration, they view paper—a distribution product consumed daily in great volumes—from different perspectives, as a physical object and as an image. The paper sculptures they create inscribed with large quantities of images possess a distinctive three-dimensionality that strikes a deep impression in viewers.
In this exhibition, “Promenade,” Nerhol will present their new series, “multiple–roadside tree,” along with new works employing mirror-paper. Their “multiple-roadside tree” is produced by cutting round slices from roadside trees, little by little, photographing each slice, then greatly enlarging the photos, bundling them, and inscribing them. “Promenade” will perceive the entire art museum as place for strolling. By walking, visitors will activate the artworks, which present varying impression depending on the angle or distance from which they are viewed.

Assistant Curator,
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

multiple – roadside tree no. 03, 2016
Courtesy of Yutaka Kikutake Gallery


2016.4.29 (Fri.) - 2017.3.12 (Sun.)

SUPERFLEX is an artists’ group based in Copenhagen, Denmark composed of Rasmus Nielsen, Jakob Fenger, and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. While referencing existing social systems and frameworks, SUPERFLEX engages the community and constructs proposals for new kinds of public space. This time, the artists will view 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa as a petri dish and undertake a one year project of elucidating the museum’s relationship with its community, using three keywords—“cultivation,” “fermentation,” and “tramsformation.”

Xijing Men “Xijing Is Not Xijing, Therefore Xijing Is Xijing.”

2016.4.29 (Fri.) - 2016.8.28 (Sun.)

“Xijing” is a fictitious city-state. In 2007, the three artists, OZAWA Tsuyoshi (born in 1965 and currently residing in Saitama Prefecture), CHEN Shaoxiong (born in 1962 and currently residing in Beijing) and Gimhongsok (born in 1964 and currently residing in Seoul) formed a collaboration team called “Xijing Men” meaning people who come from Xijing. The team started a project which tells the story of a city-state somewhere in Asia that is not Beijing, Tokyo or Seoul where art-loving people reside. The story of Xijing can be interpreted as a story irradiating modern society, not just a story of a fictitious state removed from reality. Here, out of their works, we proudly present Chapter 3: Welcome to Xijing- Xijing Olympics/ Xijing Winter Olympics, Chapter 4: I Love Xijing - The Daily Life of Xijing Presidents, and Chapter 5: Xijing is NOT Xijing; their latest work. Furthermore, out of the latest works created independently by each of these three artists of a generation living in the same age, we introduce works including installations which confront historic incidents and include philosophical considerations, project images, paintings and performances.


AIR21 : Kanazawa Fringe 2016

2016.6.11 (Sat.) - 2016.9.11 (Sun.)

"AIR21: Kanazawa Fringe" is an artist-in-residence program that ventures outside of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa to examine the challenges, people, and locations of Kanazawa from an artistic perspective. Launched in 2015 under the title of Museum x KNZ Fringe - Meeting with the City, the program was renamed in 2016 to "AIR21: Kanazawa Fringe". Five directors invite artists and creators from around Japan and overseas to collaborate on seven research projects from June to September. The results attained from these projects are to be utilized in a new artist-in-residence program planned for 2017.

AIR21 : Kanazawa Fringe 2016 official website

* The word "fringe" refers to something regarded as peripheral or marginal. In this program, artists invited from around Japan and overseas interact with various fringe elements of Kanazawa, namely the city and its people, to create new works together during their stay. The program's long-term goal is to transform Kanazawa into a hub for creative activities by implementing a creative cyclical spiral of (1) interacting with the city and its people, (2) proposing new perspectives and values, (3) undertaking creative activities, and (4) bringing about change in the participating artists, the city, and its people.

Venue :
Theater 21/ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Other venues in the City