Collection 1 Where you meet with narratives

2015.5.26 (Tue.) - 2015.11.15 (Sun.)

Looking at the world scene “today (now),” Collection 1 endeavors to reinterpret the collection compiled by the museum over the past decade. In the 21st century, when artists of the world’s unique regional cultures bring increasing diversity to our society, what kind of potential lies in their artworks? This exhibition will look at the world from an inter-cultural standpoint, primarily through works in our collection.

The Contemporary 1

In Our Time: Art in Post-industrial Japan

2015.4.25 (Sat.) - 2015.8.30 (Sun.)

In any era, the definition of "contemporary" changes as time goes by. Already, 10 years have passed since this museum opened with a mission to present contemporary art, and hence, we are taking this occasion—our 10th anniversary—to look freshly at art now. Under the theme "The Contemporary," we will hold three exhibitions. The first, "In Our Time: Art in Post-industrial Japan," will focus on Japan and feature 10 artists and artist groups principally active since 2000.
The exhibition's KeyWords—"everyday," "vernacular," "relationship," and "media." Today, Japan has achieved a transition from an industrial society producing cars and buildings to a post-industrial society providing services and information. New problems have also emerged—an aging population and declining birthrate, the hollowing out of rural regions, and growing numbers of solitary deaths. To alleviate or resolve such problems, attempts are being made to build "relationship" among people and to rediscover the attractive features of rural "vernacular." Meanwhile, it has become an age of proliferating personal media, characterized by smart-phones and "always-on connection" to online social networking. Through works by 10 artists and artist groups who live and work in these times, we explore the art of now.


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