Taste of Curiosity ― Museum of Curiosity food creation + The University Museum, The University of Tokyo

2014.4.26 (Sat.) - 2015.3.31 (Tue.)

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will mark its 10th anniversary on October 9 this year. On this occasion, we are holding "Taste of Curiosity – Museum of Curiosity"—a program to create a "banquet" site for celebrating our 10 years with everyone. The program is being led by food creation / SUWA Ayako—a project to propose new values for the enjoyment of food—and The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, which will create a "The Chambers of Curiosities." The program will be an unprecedented art museum event, taking "taste" as a theme in harkening back to the original impulse behind the museum concept—curiosity.
Already, more than 50 "Foodstuffs of Curiosity" have been gathered, and over 400 people will take part in "Experiences of Taste." The program will develop in stages toward an exciting climax as a "banquet."

Ayako Suwa, Scent of Woman 2014 Photo: Hiroshi Iwasaki +cow skull (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)

NAKAMURA Yoshifumi "Come on-a my Hut!"

2014.4.26 (Sat.) - 2014.8.31 (Sun.)

Nakamura Yoshifumi has consistently made houses that are in tune with the lifestyles of his clients and snug like a set of everyday clothes. This exhibition uses the idea of the hut, a form that has captivated Nakamura since he was a child and which serves as the model for his residential buildings, as a medium for re-addressing the question, "What is a dwelling?" In the Long-term Project Space we will introduce seven huts that have captivated Nakamura over many years along with projects ranging from huts to small residential buildings designed by Nakamura himself. In addition, in the courtyard we will display a full-scale version of a "single-person" hut designed by Nakamura. This hut incorporates many of the features Nakamura has been experimenting with in his own hut in a quest for energy self-sufficiency in a dwelling reduced in size to the bare minimum. It is at once a comfortable living space with the warmth that all individually made things have and a vision of a future society and way of living in response to the energy and environmental problems that confront us, particularly in the wake of 3/11.

Hanem Hut, 2013
Photo: AMEMIYA Hideya


2014.4.12 (Sat.) - 2014.9.21 (Sun.)

"Collection Exhibition I TRANSPARENCY | REFLECTION" looks at the properties of "transparency and reflection" in the context of their use in artworks, such as sculptural works that employ materials transparent to light or light reflecting, a self-portrait in the form of the artist's reflection, or photographic images acquired through a lens.
Transparent materials and highly polished surfaces have fascinated people since ancient times. As concepts, "transparency and reflection" repeatedly come up in art, as well, such as when artworks are likened to windows or mirrors. The physical effects produced by highly transparent materials and mirror techniques can greatly surprise us or be a source of fun and enjoyment, and what we see when peering through these artworks or gazing into their reflections can change our visual channel and induce new thinking.
Later, after viewing this exhibition, when you walk through our museum once again, what kind of images do you see reflected in the museum’s circular glass wall or large transparent doors? What scenery opens to you from beyond them?

(NAKATA Koichi, Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)

Philosophical Fashion 3: mintdesigns "happy people"

2013.12.7 (Sat.) - 2014.5.18 (Sun.)

"Philosophical Fashion"—a series inquiring into the meaning of clothing today, when trends change with dizzying speed, driven by the phenomenal rise of "fast fashion." Featured in this series are creators who consistently propose new fashions on the basis of an enduring concept.
Our third exhibit in this series looks at "mintdesigns."
Fashion brand mintdesigns is known for clothing designs that give play to unique textiles developed by the brand’s creators, Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi. Besides fashion, mintdesigns actively pursues collaborations in other fields, such as dinner ware, furniture, and Japanese confections, so its design territory is continually expanding. Not stopping at clothing, Katsui and Yagi seek to impart richness to our everyday lives through product design. Their activities, as such, explore the possibilities of "fashion" far beyond what is "fashionable."
This exhibit will take "happy people" as its theme in an experimental endeavor to deploy mintdesign clothing actively in everyday life. People living in Tokyo and Kanazawa will encounter mintdesigns in their own everyday spaces, and the moment of their encounter will be displayed.

HIRABAYASHI Megumi, Curator



Les moutons

2014.4.28 (Mon.) - 2014.4.29 (Tue.)

Suddenly, sheep appear in the Museum’s Open Space, bleating, eating, quarreling …cute, unique, a little frightening! “Les moutons” is an unforgettable experience that captivates people of all ages. The
Canadian troupe CORPUS captures the essence of “sheepness” in a fun, humorous world where reality and fantasy blur.

Venue :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Open Space

Golden Marubi Week ’14

2014.4.26 (Sat.) - 2014.5.6 (Tue.)

During the Golden Week holidays of May, the Museum holds colorful events indoors and in its Open Space. Besides an “Art za Market” art flea market where creators sell their works, they include music and performances in the Stage and Public Zones, operation of a miniature steam locomotive, and tea ceremonies and various workshops. Children as well as adults gather for lively fun, drawn by the fine spring weather.

Venue :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Open Space, Tea Room, etc.