Only honest design can be recyclable.

2010.10.9 (Sat.) - 2011.1.30 (Sun.)

New designs are being generated continuously as the time change. Not only the products but also the designs of the products are being consumed in the lifecycle model of modern consumption which is heavily dependent on trends. D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT focuses on the fact that there are used “long-life designed” products which remain in society and is offering/practicing the recycling model, that is a way to recycle products at the scene of consumption. This recycle model includes the following steps. 1.Selecting the long life designed/second hand products and selling them, 2.repurchasing products from buyers and 3.resselling them to new consumers. Our aim is to present the idea that we can create a new market and avoid the disappearance of designs if there is a system where products can be sold a number of times and used over many years.

In this exhibition, D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT’s course of actions (choosing and purchasing “long life designs” that should be conserved over the years out of the products relinquished by the consumers) is divided into three parts and presented in three terms (exhibitions).

Kenmei Nagaoka’s statement can be seen from here.
Only honest design can be recyclable.

Peter Fischli David Weiss

2010.9.18 (Sat.) - 2010.12.25 (Sat.)

Traveling through an endless tunnel of changing light and color. A rat and bear go out on the town and through art and philosophy offer insights into the absurdities of the human condition. Everyday items teeter, precariously balanced. Energy passes by a whisker from one piece of junk to another, in a series of seemingly impromptu chain reactions. Airport scenes from across the globe float alongside a panoramic selection of this world's doings, big and small, rendered in ninety or so pieces of clay. Questions about life and the world that might occur to anyone appear and disappear, drifting ceaselessly through the air. In tiny black and white photos fairytale-like scenes have soft black contours. The tranquil, mundane everyday is suffused with wonder and chaos, tragedy and comedy, melancholy and nothingness.
Wielding a formidable armory of media from photography to sculpture to video and more with extraordinary flexibility, Peter Fischli and David Weiss focus intensely on familiar scenes and things, presenting divergent meanings and diversity of interpretation via a combination of meticulous planning and coincidence, throwing into relief the essence of the human condition in works shot through with irony and humor. We hope viewers will enjoy the strange wonder of Fischli/Weiss art, and their encyclopedic worlds suffused with an original, unconventional aesthetic.

Image:The Least Resistance 1980-81 film still camera: Jürg V. Walther 

Collection Exhibition: Invisible Reality

2010.9.11 (Sat.) - 2011.4.10 (Sun.)

An exhibition featuring pieces from the museum collection, which consists primarily of works produced since the 1980s. The Collection Exhibition presents important artworks reflecting the changing values and transitions of contemporary society and, by weaving complex perspectives into their presentation, explores social issues.

Tadasu Takamine Good House, Nice Body

2010.4.29 (Thu.) - 2011.3.21 (Mon.)

Contemporary artist TAKAMINE Tadasu has continually cast light on social issues employing his own experiences and body. “TAKAMINE Tadasu: Good House, Nice Body,” is a long-term project composed of two parts, “Good House” and “Nice Body.” For approximately one year, through their own physical involvement, numerous project participants will re-examine the attitudes we hold toward our “house” and “body”—attitudes that grow obtuse in day-to-day life despite the vital importance our house and body have for us as abodes for our existence.


Jan Fabre “Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day”

2010.10.2 (Sat.) - 2010.10.3 (Sun.)

Jan Fabre “Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day” Japan premier

Oct 2 [Sat] Start 18:00- (door open 17:45),
   3 [Sun] Start 15:00- (door open 14:45)

Subsequent to the exhibition, we will present a stage work by Jan FABRE, who also leads in the international dance scene. A solo dance performance concerned with Fabre’s major theme, “love and death”, the work won raves when first presented at the Avignon Theatre Festival. Fusing, dance, words, music and art, it is a rich condensation of Jan Fabre’s essence as a cross-disciplinary artist.

Admission: General ¥4,500 / Advance ¥4,000

Venue :