Я[á:r] issue 02 / 2003

    Avant-garde, a parallax view

  • On the New / Boris GROYS(PDF:74.7KB
  • The Rituals of “Zero Jigen” in Urban Space / KuroDalaiJee(PDF:64.0KB
  • The Avant-garde and the Museum: Intermixing Heterotopias / HASEGAWA Yuko(PDF:34.7KB
  • Readymade, Photograph, and Spectator / SUMITOMO Fumihiko(PDF:37.3KB
  • Interview with Sislej XHAFA(PDF:33.6KB
  • Artist Page

  • "in the mist, on the boat" / SASAGUCHI Kazz
  • Research Related to Our Collected Works

  • HATAKEYAMA Kouji—“Awareness” Manifest in a Box (Japanese only) / YOSHIOKA Emiko(PDF:151.9KB
  • Isa GENZKEN: The Aspect of Temporality in her “Column” Series (Japanese only) / WASHIDA Meruro(PDF:569.0KB