Opera for a Small Room- Script

An Older Man's Gruff Voice comes out megaphone speaker.

Check, Check One, Testing ..Testing

In the middle of a stage a man sits alone in a room. Surrounded by speakers, turntables, and records.

She was walking down the road. With her shoes in her hand.
Where the fuck was she going?

Shit…. (record skips)
This place is falling apart. The animals are taking over. The weasels eat the mice and the squirrels. The mice are chewing on the wires and the walls. If they start on the records, I going to have to poison them.

He is filled with longing. He begins to weep.
Doctor… I need to talk to the doctor.
I’m disappearing.
But she’s here with me now. Big boys don’t cry.

I was walking down the road that night.(mumbling) I want to forget everything. Don’t want to remember… her voice…and everything she said.
I remember everything.
Yes, I remember.

I was walking down the road that night. The cows were in the field, watching me as I passed by. I could see the train coming slowly towards me, lighting up the trees.

The man howls at the moon.

He waits in his room. Playing his records over and over. “Is that all you do?” she says.
Where the fuck was she going? It wasn’t his fault. It was the train. They were trying to beat the train.

The music doesn’t really change anything. But it helps him in a way he doesn’t understand. It’s an opera after all. Everyone dies in the end.

He picks up his guitar and walks to the center of the stage. The audience waits anxiously.
A voice is heard, calling from the wings.